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No casual hookups on matrimonial sites as govt lays down rules

Matrimonial web web internet sites to help keep internet protocol address documents, make users upload documents demonstrating their identity

Mumbai: such as for instance a protective moms and dad, India’s federal government will inform guidelines to govern matrimonial internet sites to make certain they aren’t utilized by those not intent on wedding.

The us government is likely to make it mandatory for web sites to help keep ip documents also make those trying to find a match upload documents showing their identification become doubly certain that the internet sites aren’t being “misused", a federal government official told reporters in New Delhi on Thursday, asking to not ever be identified. Users of the internet web sites need certainly to validate they plan to utilize it as being a matrimonial solution, the state stated.

“We have authorized the criteria to test the cheating on such internet sites," stated Ravi Shankar Prasad, India’s minister for communications and information technology.