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I'm able to connect with the whole texting and not receiving a reply to specific text We deliver.

To be quite honest whenever I first met this person i will be dating I was told by him he didnt love to text because often terms may become misinterpreted. We consented before I contacted him and acted like I had misplaced his phone number with him after we had a texting misunderstanding and didnt talk for several weeks. We still communicate via text and there are a great number of times him a question and I dont get a response that I text. We don’t get angry him and I realize some of my questions or comments he might not have an opinion or he might not feel the same way or he might just be trying to spare my feelings because I have gotten to know. So I allow a complete large amount of material get when it comes to looking to get a reply or a remedy to my questions. But, i really do ensure it is a true aim to convey my emotions about everything in the regular. We already fully know We can’t get a grip on just what he does, states or feel therefore I don’t also attempt to. I want to express I try to do it if all possible in person, or in a phone call or as a last resort via text when it is something important.