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Mill Worker Convicted in Sex Slave Case : Red Bluff guy Held girl Prisoner, could easily Get 73-Year Term

Mill Worker Convicted in Sex Slave Case : Red Bluff guy Held girl Prisoner, could easily Get 73-Year Term

A lumber mill worker had been convicted Thursday of abducting a new hitchhiker at knifepoint and holding her in bondage for seven years as their intercourse servant. A San Mateo County Superior Court jury of eight ladies and four guys deliberated 14 hours over three times before coming back the verdict against Cameron Hooker, 31, of Red Bluff.

Hooker ended up being convicted of 1 count of kidnaping by force, six counts of rape, one count of penetration by having an object that is foreign one count of sodomy and another count of dental copulation. He had been acquitted of 1 count of rape.

Hooker had been accused of abducting the girl on might 19, 1977, for bondage sex practices until August of 1984, when she fled to her parents’ home in Riverside as she hitchhiked near Red Bluff and holding her. The jury considered a lot more than 140 components of proof, including sexual bondage gear created by Hooker and love letters published by the girl to Hooker while she ended up being sticking with Hooker and their spouse, Janice. “Praise the Lord, I’m pleased we got justice,” the prosecutor, Deputy Tehama County Dist. Atty. Christine McGuire, quoted the 28-year-old target as saying whenever she ended up being informed for the verdict.

The defense reported that the lady fell so in love with Hooker and was a ready participant in bondage rituals.

The prosecution stated the lady thought if she escaped that she would be killed. The lady testified that she composed the love letters only so Hooker would treat her better, maybe not because she liked him. Judge Praises Jury.The judge praised the jury for rejecting the contention associated with chief defense witness, psychiatrist Dr. Donald T. Lunde, a Stanford University teacher, whom stated the lady had been a prepared partner instead when compared to a prisoner. “I commend your cleverness in dismissing the testimony of Dr. Lunde,” Knight said. “Witnesses like this are a menace to your justice system that is criminal. I’m happy you had the sense that is good predict him.”

“He had not been convincing and perhaps perhaps perhaps not prepared,” juror Franklin Bertheau stated of Lunde. “I felt (the target) ended up being restricted even though she had been running. We felt she ended up being under constant psychological and real confinement at all times.”

Hooker had not been arrested until 90 days following the girl fled. It had been their spouse whom finally called in authorities, by using a clergyman. Under California’s three-year statute of limits on kidnaping, the jury needed to determine perhaps the girl happened captive throughout the whole seven years she lived because of the Hookers in Red Bluff, a ranching and agriculture community 160 kilometers northeast of bay area.

The test, which started Sept. 26, had been transported right right here as a result of hefty news coverage that is top article pretrial.

The Hookers admitted which they kidnaped the girl, then twenty years old, at knifepoint. Janice Hooker had been given resistance from prosecution in return for her testimony. Hooker additionally admitted if she tried to flee.The prosecution claimed that the woman was locked in a box, kept under the Hookers’ water bed, for up to 23 hours at a time from 1981 to 1984 that he convinced the woman that he was a member of a fictitious sex-slave ring called “The Company,” which would hunt her down and kill her. While admitting that the girl had been held into the field, the protection stated the lady had been permitted out often times and therefore the confinement had not been since long as advertised. In August, 1985, the lady filed a lawsuit that is civil Tehama County Superior Court looking for ten dollars million in damages from Hooker. That instance is pending.

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