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Best Online Video Editor for Chromebook! (Free!)

hey guys what’s up today in this video I’m gonna show you guys the best way so far to edit videos on the Chromebook now recently the YouTube video editor has been removed so we can no longer edit videos whatsapp and I personally thought that that was one of the best ones out there even better than some downloaded ones so let’s get right into the video all right so what you’re first gonna want to do is you’re gonna want an easy search up Wii video or go to the link in the description that’s not it alrighty so this is what’s gonna come up now there is a free account the free account is actually pretty good you just don’t have as many record like available recordings or anything um so here’s a features um or is it the free so yeah you see a cloud storage one gigabyte that is a really a matter because you don’t really store much on the cloud actually you can just use whatever it is Google Drive and then download to computer that’s included with the free that’s kind of what all you really need to do everything else it’s nice stuff but you don’t really need it it’s kind of something that’s just I don’t know I mean it’s just kind of like perks that are good to have but not necessary see um now the Wii video branding is um kind of a downside that’s the only one but if you are part of a school you probably have a way video account actually already says schools and districts you probably have this one so you’re gonna log in with your school account so I’m just gonna go ahead and do that really quickly alright so because lots of school accounts have access to premium features on like a school or group sharing websites you you have if you have your school account you probably have premium access to with video so all you’re gonna do to edit you’re going to create new click video edit next and then you’re going to put it into a folder click start editing so after it loads you’re going to make sure that the first thing you’re gonna want to do you’re gonna want to make sure you’re on timeline mode make sure you hold that cuz it’s your on story mode storyboard mode you’ve got this and that’s kind of cringe this is just like some basic video editor you’ve got to make sure you’re on timeline mode so it actually it actually works like a normal video editor and so you can just drag in your video or the first video and play it then you can pause it this little part stops it and yep it’s sorry it Clips it again and then you can also you can put audio into the audio track you can click add new video or audio track and it can be video or audio and then you just add a new name like be sick or something done there you go you know you’ve got an extra one so if this video gets eight likes or more then I will upload another video on how to properly edit videos on me video so yet drop a like subscribe and I’ll see you guys in the next video bye [Music]

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